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Yoder-Culp Funeral Home strives to provide each family with a personalized service that commemorates and celebrates the life of a loved one. Our Funeral Directors will guide each family through the process of planning a funeral service. Yoder-Culp will also facilitate filing for any insurance and Social Security benefits.
Traditional Service This service typically involves several hours of visitation for family and friends at the funeral home, and a funeral service at either the funeral home, your church or a location of your choice. Folowing the service, family and friends then move to a cemetery of the family's choice for a committal service and burial or entombment.
Graveside Service The graveside service generally includes several hours of visitation for family and friends at the funeral home followed by a short committal service at the cemetery.
Memorial Service Most often a memorial service includes several hours of visitation for family and friends at the funeral home, your church or location of your choosing. A private graveside service is usually followed by a personalized public service at a church. A Memorial Service implies that the body is not present at the service.
Cremation - This method involves reduction of the body to its basic elements through exposure to intense heat. The cremains are then placed in an urn. If above-ground burial is preferred, the urn may be placed in a niche within a columbarium-a building designed specifically for this purpose. If earth burial is desired, the urn may be buried within a cemetery.  In general, cremation should not be generally regarded as an end in itself. All of the other customary funeral services can be involved if you desire. Yoder-Culp Funeral Home offers inexpensive cremation caskets for use during the visitation period and the funeral service, prior to cremation.
Earth Burial Most people choose earth burial as the final location for their remains. This form of interment requires the purchase of a cemetery lot. There may also be a fee for the opening of the grave, and an additional fee if a vault is required. Monuments or markers are customarily placed at the grave as a memorial.
Above-Ground Burial As an alternative to the traditional earth burial, one may select an above-ground burial or entombment in a mausoleum, a permanent crypt.

Simple Disposition If, after careful consideration, you choose simply to have the body removed to its site for burial or cremation without ceremony, your funeral director can still be of assistance to you.
Anatomical Gifts Many people feel that tissue and organ donation is an important way to help others.  In recent years, medical advancements have allowed for the transplantation of many organs and tissues. Transplantation procedures do not interfere with the preparation of the body for the funeral service.

Monuments Monuments are a permanent graveside marker, generally made out of granite. Yoder-Culp offers a full line of monuments for your convenience.

Video Tributes Yoder-Culp will assist you in preparing a video tribute. A video tribute may include photographs (up to 50) with music of your choice in a DVD format. The tribute may be available for viewing during visitation hours. Video Tributes may also be created for birthday, graduation, anniversary or other significant celebrations.

Flowers For your convenience, we provide you with a list of local Goshen floral shops and their phone numbers.

  • Wooden Wagon Floral Shoppe 574-534-2595 or 1-866-534-2595
  • Goshen Floral and Gift Shop 574-533-0531
  • Countryscapes Floral & Gifts  574-533-0945
  • Camille's of Bristol 574-848-4904